Cold and Creamy Fruit Cups

Cold and Creamy Fruit Cups

  • Ingredients

  • 250g fat-free cream cheese

    1 cup fat-free sour cream

    1/3 cup EQUAL Spoonful*

    2-3 tsp lemon juice

    1 cup coarsely chopped fresh or canned drained peaches

    1 cup fresh or frozen unsweetened blueberries

    1 cup fresh or frozen unsweetened raspberries or halved or quartered strawberries

    1 cup cubed fresh or canned drained pineapple

    1 can (11 ounces) Mandarin orange segments, drained

    12 pecan halves (optional)

    * May substitute 8 packets Equal sweetener


1. Beat cream cheese, sour cream, Equal and lemon juice in mixing bowl on medium speed of mixer until smooth and well combined. Fold in fruit by hand.

2. Spoon mixture into 12 paper-lined muffin cups or spread into 11 x 7-inch baking dish. Garnish with pecan halves, if desired.

3. Freeze 6-8 hours or until firm. Let stand at room temperature 10-15 minutes or until slightly softened before serving.

*Chef's Tip: If baking dish is used, cut dessert into squares and serve on small plates with Raspberry Sauce or Strawberry Sauce, if desired. The fruit mixture can also be spooned into hollowed out orange halves and frozen. Cut thin slice from bottom of orange halves so they will stand. Place in muffin cups to freeze.

Nutritional Information